French Resistance & SOE (2nd Edition)


Book – No Longer Available

The new Second Edition of the SOE and French Resistance Book

This edition includes SAS operations and the Jedburgh teams sent into France before D-Day.
It includes a write-up of many of the agents that went into occupied France.  Find out why so many networks were compromised and learn who the four double agents working for the Gestapo were. It also includes all the training schools and gives more detail of the networks set up in France.

The new book includes a more detailed write-up of the Secret Intelligence Service liaison with the SOE and French Intelligence and how signals were sent back from France and interrupted by Whaddon Hall intelligence officers and used to direct operations. Various networks, such as the Pickersgill network, were then led to false radio traffic being sent out and more agents dropped into France. This resulted in more networks being compromised with agents and French Resistance members arrested. They were then tortured and subsequently this resulted in their execution.

The book details a lot of the history of these networks and agents. It also includes a write-up on the SAS operations and Jedburgh teams and the liaison with the French Resistance prior to the D-Day Landings.

You must get this edition of the book!
It has doubled in size with more great information.

Learn how these efforts defeated Nazi Germany and allowed the D-Day landings to succeed and allow Europe to become free and consequently the world.

We should honour their efforts which have allowed us to live in freedom today.

God bless these courageous and dedicated fighting people.