New Book in the Collection

Honour Them – Bravest of the Brave

French Resistance and Special Operations Executive
(SOE) 1940-44

OUT NOW – A new book,  no.8 in the D-Day War Diaries series.

This book is a real eye opener!

• How the SOE was set up following Dunkirk 1940;
• General De Gaulle’s speech and Churchill’s speech “Set Europe Ablaze”;
• A list of Training Schools;
• Agents sent in and what they did;
• Operations;
• A list of Maquis Units and what they did;
• Joint Operations including Operation Jedburgh with the OSS.

Lots of photographs and maps and how the book helped the D-Day Landings, this book complements the other books in the series (6th British Airborne, Sword, Gold, Juno, Omaha, Utah and 101st & 62nd U.S. Airborne).

You need to buy it!

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James Robertshaw,
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High Street Witney,
Oxon, OX28 6ES.

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All profits go to The Royal British Legion and Combat Stress.