General Notices

1. We have a ‘No Returns‘ policy as these books are sold to support our charities.
2. Postage within the UK will be added, however if ordering outside the UK Mainland, please get in touch to ascertain the postage on your order.
3. If you have decided to cancel your order before you commit to it, clicking the’X’ alongside the item will remove each item. However it might still be reflected in your checkout page. It only requires a regen of the page to show the current state of your order.

Ordering Unpriced Books

Please contact James Robertshaw via the CONTACT page or call him on 01993 709340 or 07930 395344 for assistance to obtain the correct price and shipping cost if you wish to order unpriced books. This because of availability and special deals.

Reviewing Your Order

Should you decide to cancel or change your order before committing and payment, click the Checkout drop-down at the top of the page, select ‘View Cart’ and click the ‘X’ against the ordered item/s. This will remove the item/s from your order. If none remain there will be no charge and the order is void.

Postage and Packing

Charges are added to the order before committing. The amount is dependent on the number of items ordered. However individual books all have £2.85 P&P added at the checkout.
Bulk orders require consulting James Robertshaw for the shipping amount.

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