United States Beaches


BOOK – No Longer Available

US Beaches and US Operations in Normandy June 6th 1944 to D-Day plus 8
This book absorbs the three current books I have previously written into one book. It is a consolidated book, with more information on the landings.

The book tells the story of how the landings were organised, intelligence gathered, and the deception plans. It also defines where the US troops trained in England prior to the D-Day Landings, and the location of camps by county (mainly in the South West of England and Wales).

The book lists the ships that were used in the Battle of Normandy (Operation Overlord) and includes the US Airborne Air Plans and drop zones. It mentions the German units occupying the Contentin peninsula and Normandy beaches with photographs of some of the German fortifications and units manning the beaches.

It is a useful reference of the operations conducted by the USAF and Naval Units and the first actions on D-Day up to D-Day + 8. The citations and awards given as reward for actions are listed as well.

This book complements the other books in the series and was especially compiled for the 75th anniversary of the landings in June this year. To honour those courageous people, I will be making donations from the sale of this and the other books in the series to the Royal British Legion and Combat Stress.

You need to buy it –
Remember 2019 is the 75th anniversary after D-Day!