RAF Airfields – Ground Attacks



In 2019 I attended a military event at the WWII Airfield of RAF Detling in Kent and somebody told me about the air attack on the 13th of August 1940 (Aldertag – Eagle Day) on this airfield where a control tower was destroyed and 43 WAAFs were killed and blown apart. Their Grandfather had to dig a trench for their bodies. Their deaths had not been recorded and the personal records were destroyed.

This was the worst air attack on RAF airfields ever. This moved me so much I decided to find out about them, which I have now done, and we have organised a memorial for those killed. I was stimulated to write a book about the Battle of Britain RAF Airfield Attacks for the 80th anniversary of the Battle.

In the book there is a synopsis of Britain’s preparations for a likely invasion following the defeat and evacuation at Dunkirk in June 1940. You’ll find a write up on the plans, the Chain Home Radar, the Dowding system of air defences, the squadrons we had to defend ourselves with, and what our countrymen had to endure. Mention is made of the German Intelligence operations, the names of the agents and the plans and directives that were ordered by Adolph Hitler.

The Chapters document all the main air attacks on the airfields, a write up on Coastal Command and the RAF structure, the main medals won, with a write up, and a lot of information and photographs from the National Archives. I attempt to supplement the history of the Battle of Britain Air attacks.

You should get a copy! – Find out why the Germans stopped the Air Attacks on the RAF!

Donations from the sale of these books will go to the RAF Benevolent Fund and Help 4 Homeless Heroes.

James Robertshaw.