Canadian Dream of an English Country Boy


World War I Book

The Canadian Dream of an English Country Boy

This book is about my Grandfather prior to World War I. How he emigrated in 1912 into the middle of Canada where there was nothing – just indigenous people; how he helped build up Canada, joined the Canadian Army in 1917, and was decorated twice for bravery with the Military Medal and Bar.

What the Canadian Expeditionary forces did in the Great War; the First Nations people’s involvement; life in Canada prior to the Great War, building a country from nothing, and the politics behind Canada’s independence.

My Grandfather’s life on his return to England and his involvement with Bletchley Park, that helped save the Allies during World War II, and how Bletchley Park was important.

Life after World War II and what my family did to earn a living in a country that had been devastated by war.

One should read this book as it tells one what Canada and Great Britain did to win our freedom, and the sacrifices that were made so we can all enjoy life to day and not just take it for granted.

This book is available in the USA, Canada and the UK, via the LULU website.

Thank you I hope you enjoy the book.


January 2024